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  • Hose fittings

Hose fittings

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771 Variants

The most suitable fitting for every hose: HANSA-FLEX hose fittings

Every hose line has a natural weak point: the connection between two components. We at HANSA-FLEX know that hose fittings must always keep up with advancements in hydraulic systems. With operating pressures of up to 500 bar being on the agenda today, it is good to know that HANSA-FLEX’s hose fittings are perfectly matched to the capabilities of the hoses. The HANSA-FLEX in-house standard enables hydraulic equipment fitters to use a test mandrel after crimping the hose to confirm that their work has been done properly. As a result, you can rely on your connections being faultless and safe. The safety of hydraulic connections also depends on the corrosion resistance of hose fittings. Consequently, even in its standard products, HANSA-FLEX always uses a zinc-nickel surface coating. We therefore fulfil the highest requirements and guarantee our swage ferrules will resist corrosion for 1200 hours, while the figure for our swage nipples and swage fittings is even higher at 1500 hours. Notwithstanding all that, there will of course be special applications where this performance is still not enough. In these cases, we can offer hose fittings in even more resistant materials, such as stainless steel. Numerous certificates such as the Q1 certificate issued by Deutsche Bahn confirm the high quality of our hose lines and hose fittings. HANSA-FLEX hose fittings are not only available for hydraulic systems; they can also be obtained for other industrial applications, such as steam systems. They are available from stock in all common diameters and shapes (e.g. 45° or 90° elbows). A wide range of connection types are also available, such as metric, imperial, BSP, UNF, NPT, JIS and SAE. Should you not be able to find the right solution for your application from our standard range, we would be delighted to manufacture special fittings to meet your specifications. Give us a call.